Acclimation Tip’s

The main reason for acclimation is to give a coral time to adjust to different temperatures and water conditions. Motor City Corals recommend the following for acclimation of your new coral. You can never take too long acclimating a new coral, they will only benefit from taking your time.

  1. You should always float the bag in your tank for a min of an hour to allow temperatures time to adjust and acclimate as close together as possible.
  2. Open bag and add a small amount of your tank water into the holding bag/container.
  3. After doing step two for a min half hour discard a portion of the water, start step two over again this time using a half cup over water at a time with less time in between (if you were adding water every ten min, then start every 5 min).
  4. At this point you can discard all water in bag, never adding it to your aquarium, and add you new Coral or fish to the tank.
  5. Motor City Coral’s suggest using a quality coral dip of your choice before adding any new coral’s or fish to your tank, even though we have taken the steps before it's never a bad idea. We recommend following the directions on the manufacturers bottle for coral/Fish health.