Shipping Information

All corals and frags are shipped in styrofoam boxes with cardboard shells, complete with heavy-duty bags to prevent leaks. Packages will also include heat or cold packs depending on current weather conditions. 

Currently we are using FedEx priority overnight for shipping. FedEx ships next day Monday through Thursday.  We currently do not ship any products (live or dry goods) out of the continental United States. Shipping Rates: All shipments will be handled with FedEx/UPS overnight service.

Orders $0-$199 will be a flat rate of $39.95. For orders $300 and above, the order ships for free. Saturday shipments have additional charges. Continental United States ONLY. Local pick up also available with appointment.

All corals on the site are quarantined and healed before shipping. Occasionally a coral will need to be cut upon ordering, and will need time to heal after being cut, so please allow 2-7 days after ordering to ship. We will advise if we feel the coral needs more time before shipping.( all corals that we ship are deemed healthy, if for some reason the Coral purchased is not in perfect health MotorCityCorals will pick another coral of same family to insure safe and healthy products are delivered, Customer will be notified of any changes to WYSIWYG orders.  

Livestock shipping dates must be scheduled with Motor City corals, we do not ship anything live unannounced or unscheduled.

All corals come with a guarantee of live arrival, if a specimen arrives DOA, you must contact us within 2 hours of arrival, we ask for a supplied picture of DOA in bag to, if coral is dipped DOA is void. If Fedex delays for weather or Mechanical Failure No credit for shipping will be issued, Customer must pay shipping for replacements. Motor City Corals will issue a credit for coral DOA, but we will not refund or be responsible for shipping.

Customer agrees to not " Charge back" With their credit Card Company under any circumstances, we will work with customer to come up with a viable solution. All orders are final unless canceled before the scheduled ship date. All tracking information will be emailed to customers on the night that the order ships out. Please email us to set up shipping if special circumstances are necessary.

  • Joel Conklin